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3 Marketing trends to watch out for in 2023

With a new year comes the evolution of many things.


Suddenly gyms are filled with new people, and suddenly the approach to general marketing efforts similarly gets worked out into something new.


Today we take a look at what we (as marketing professionals and business owners) need to keep an eye out for.


Let’s see what’s on the horizon.

Event Marketing is back on track … with a twist!

Now that the Covid hibernation is officially over and allowing people to gather once more, we can surely say that event marketing will see a major spike this upcoming year.


There is a slight deviation from the norm that will most certainly take place as well.


With a major influx of virtual events occurring through webinars, virtual reality, and even the gaming space, we should also consider the general impact this has on events.


Without geographical limitations, people who weren’t reached before can be reached now.


More attendees are always great!

Artificial Intelligence doing the work.

It’s no secret that AI has huge potential for just about anything.


With creativity now being placed into the hands of programs, we should definitely expect an influx of AI-generated content.

Whether imagery or writing, there’s probably a set of code that can help content creators come up with some extraordinary marketing material.


The next billboard, social media post, or even blog article you read has the possibility to come straight from the mind of a robot.

Let’s get Meta

The Metaverse is coming … or so we believe.


With increased funding being thrown into the Metaverse and new updates taking shape, the progress being made shows promise for something exciting.

Virtual Reality has the potential to change a lot about the way we do our marketing, and it’s only a matter of time before we all see each other through VR Headsets.


We do believe that 2023 is a year of potential, and Meta potentially has the upper hand in this avenue that we should all be taking careful note of.

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