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A Guide to Influencer Marketing

With extreme advancements in the popularity of social media, internet personalities, and content creators, the availability of influencers and brand ambassadors has skyrocketed to new heights over the last few years.


When looking into collaborating with an influencer, a few things should be taken into consideration especially when your brand is going to receive a fresher perspective through the audience of your new business partner.

Today, we’re going to go through a few things to take into consideration when choosing the right influencer and why choosing just any TikTok aficionado with a million followers might not always be the right choice.

Find someone within your Budget

Having an influencer as part of your marketing efforts is just that, it’s a business deal. All things considered, having the right person is crucial but it’s also just as important to ensure that the influencer(s) on your radar are cost-effective.


Be sure to meet the person, ask them questions, and when it gets down to it, don’t be afraid to ask them for their reach, analytics, viewer range, etc.

Get detailed because, at the end of the day, you should be expecting results for the time and money you are placing into this business deal.


Influencers come in many audience shapes and size meaning that finding the right influencer means doing the market research on their behalf. Look into their audience, who reads their blogs, listens to their podcasts, or watches their videos.


This audience will partly be yours in the long run.

Find someone who matches your Brand

Finding the right influencer comes with deciphering the brand identity and feeling that person portrays.


For example:
Clothing brands look to the celebrity market to market their brand. In this instance, it’s usually the upper-market and luxury brands that do so. This is done in an effort to portray the lifestyle that the brand aims to convey to its audience.


If Harry Styles wears that jacket and I need to buy it to feel like Harry Styles, I’m going to buy the jacket.

It may come across as extremely obnoxious, but these collaborations evoke a subconscious response in your audience.


That’s why it’s crucial to find the right influencer that matches your aesthetic, style, and moral standpoint.
That brings us to our next point.

Find someone Trustworthy

Any contractual agreement in the business landscape is one that is based on trust.


When it comes to engaging with an influencer, this trust stretches a little bit further. Your brand is now tagging along with the influencer and their content creation, you don’t necessarily get to decide what they say or how they say it, you only get a portion.

It’s their brand and you just partnering with them, that means you don’t control the individual and they need to trust that you won’t exploit them.


The same applies inversely, you are in the hands of the influencer, if they say or do anything outside of your ethical and moral viewpoint, that can be linked to you.


Choose wisely.

It’s still worthwhile

At the end of the day, influencer marketing has become a brand-new way to do business and promote a company and an individual.


The concept may be simple but, as we can see, there are a few things to consider.


Make sure you make the right choices when deciding on the person(s) to best represent your brand, it’s a long-term engagement and can mean a lot more that increasing the eyes on your brand.

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