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AI: A Curse for creatives or a crutch?

AI systems and models are revolved around getting the busy work we all do finished quickly. As creatives, the busy work we face is different to most tasks people in the workspace face. This leads to AI stepping in and taking lead in our creative busy work. The real question we’re going to unpack is if this causes a hindrance to quality and creativity or if it is actually reshaping the industry like everyone says.


Let’s dive in.

AI as a curse.

It’s no doubt that talk around the coffee station has revolved around whether certain jobs are going to be fully replaced by an autonomous assistant. Most of us brush off this belief, however, the truth may be scarier than what we lead ourselves into believing. Chat GPT and Google Bard have only just hit the streets of the internet. The same can be said for Dall-E and Midjourney. What stands out to us in this space, it that this is just the initial introduction of AI integrated software that actually works. These products are still being worked on and developed. That leaves unknown territory which we still need to cross.

What still is to come is the effect competition plays in the development of software. With financial backing, re-engineering, and new ideas and concepts still at play, it’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing highly improved or brand-new versions of the current AI tools we see today.


What that leaves us with, is either a threat or an opportunity. Do we keep doing what we normally do or dive straight into the AI rabbit hole and utilise what is being presented to us.

AI as a crutch.

Now, what most creatives don’t talk about is how dependant one can be on AI. From generating artwork and assets, to writing entire pieces and pasting it in our client’s browser. This is dangerous territory that we as creatives need to avoid.

What we are initially doing, is showing our clients that we are not needed. What’s stopping them from going online, watching a quick tutorial, and using the AI instead of hiring us?

The only thing that it is our ability to create and develop content and ideas that is supplemented by AI. We are currently at an advantage. AI is not developed enough to replace us just yet. We need to be sure that our value still remains seen and is put forward in every work that we do.


Outside of that, we need to stay aware that we need to train ourselves to utilise the software given to us as much as possible.

What is comes down to is a matter of work ethic and determination. AI is powerful and has the ability to take our work to new heights if we use it the right way.


Let’s chart a course toward harmony with our robotic companions and avoid the threats as much as possible. After all, if it was going to replace us the only thing stopping it is us.

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