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Branching out: Staying Connected with the same vision despite the distance.

Have you ever travelled overseas and visited the nearest Mcdonald’s?


You peruse the menu and find the good ol’ Big Mac accompanied by some unique items.


But you go with the Big Mac because you know you won’t be let down and that you’re getting exactly what you expect.

It may seem like a strange scenario but in the case of organisational culture, the application of having the same ideas and concepts on a global scale create unity and strength within your business.


Today we take a look at how we can still maintain the essence of an organisation despite the distance.

Why do we want connection?

Much like the Big Mac, if something works and you’re proud of it, you’re going to want to keep it.


We spend so much time crafting our unique business identity and culture, that our customers and stakeholders fall in love with the idea. The strength of loyalty is critical to business success and gaining a firm grasp.


Customers will go to Mcdonald’s because they know what they are going to get, fast service, cheap food, and a relatively tasty meal.

The same works with business.


Separating your firm from the rest creates something unique. Once this uniqueness gains a following, keeping it on an identical track when expanding can be tough.


Let’s see how we can keep that flow.

The Cornerstones.

No matter the size of a house, whether a mansion or apartment, every building needs a blueprint.


The same application applies to a business.


You need a blueprint. A glue. Something that maintains the same irrespective of circumstances.


There are a few functions that can remain the same across a business:

Some of these functions can fluctuate across borders and depending on the leaders in place. It is therefore crucial to apply these blueprints when establishing a new venture or branch.


If you’re happy with the way your logo looks in your home country, keep the same logo.


If you’re happy with the work hours and remuneration policies in the original firm, keep it.


There’s a reason so much effort went into crafting these strategies and elements, maintaining it will only lead to their development and prevent the diluting of your business.


The People.

One of the most critical elements to maintaining your internal essence is the application of it through people.


People are important when carrying principles. This is mainly due to their own personal experiences with the brand and culture.


Utilising these people as tools to further teach the essence of your firm is the first step to establishing a new branch in a new territory.

This can happen in many ways:

The use of technology

One tool we personally use on a daily basis is the providence of technology.


Our creative director has officially opened our Ireland branch however, there is constant communication with the executive board and team members on her part.

This mainly occurs through online meetings, constant communication via messaging applications, and a hands-on approach toward getting involved with the processes both in Ireland and in South Africa.


Technology allows this all to happen effectively and efficiently, there is no better tool to quickly establish a connection overseas than a laptop with a solid Wi-Fi connection.

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