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LEVEL UP Your Branding

LEVEL UP Your Branding Branding encompasses the image your organisation aims to portray to the world. Being unique, consistent, and up-to-date with branding conventions as well as the purpose behind your firm are crucial elements to maintaining a strong brand image. When an organisation puts effort into its brand, the outcomes are loyalty, attention, and transparency all within your customer base. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can LEVEL UP your… Read More »LEVEL UP Your Branding

Clever Branding: A Case Study on Naked

Branching out: Staying Connected with the same vision despite the distance. Developing a brand in 2022 is no easy task. Developing a competitive business strategy that goes against the immense competition in the Insurance industry is an even harder task. There is however one brand that stands out effectively and in quite a unique way. This is of course Naked Insurance. From hilarious billboards, simplified insurance systems, and an impressive marketing campaign, Naked shows us… Read More »Clever Branding: A Case Study on Naked

The Benefits of Podcasting for your Brand

The Benefits of Podcasting for your Brand Communication has evolved over the last decade. The advent introduction of the internet and social media paved new avenues for communication from person to person as well as from businesses to consumers. The inclusion of online entertainment eventually led to the creation of the podcast. Well-known names like Joe Rogan, Crime Junkie, and The Daily are some examples of podcast identities amassing a large and consistent audience. With… Read More »The Benefits of Podcasting for your Brand

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