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Branching out: Staying Connected with the same vision despite the distance.

Developing a brand in 2022 is no easy task.


Developing a competitive business strategy that goes against the immense competition in the Insurance industry is an even harder task.


There is however one brand that stands out effectively and in quite a unique way.

This is of course Naked Insurance.


From hilarious billboards, simplified insurance systems, and an impressive marketing campaign, Naked shows us that an already saturated industry still has room for improvement.

Marketing Made Naked

The insurance agency follows a three-pronged approach toward its marketing efforts.

Number 1

A unique sense of humour.


The basis of Naked’s marketing efforts is placed on humour and user interaction.


Even in terms of billboard usage, the tongue in cheek jokes places the approach at the forefront of people’s minds.


This sense of humour combined with the subtle ambiguity and simplicity of design evokes a sense of mystique around the brand.


Suddenly, people begin asking questions.

What does this company do?

What kind of insurance company makes jokes?

How do I find out more?


That last one is crucial.


All this combined with a simple call to action in the form of them leaving their website name at the bottom of the board gives viewers the final push into finding out what this is all about.

Number 2

Communication with the audience.


Naked bases an emphasis on feedback and constructive discourse with their clients.


They believe that all feedback, positive or negative, should be treated with the same amount of importance.

This opens transparency in an industry where quite often, openness is overlooked.


With this in mind, customers experience open channels of communication where confidence in the brand can be felt across their relationship.

Number 3

Naked leverages their unique selling point.


The simplicity of their brand image is a direct representation of the business process they follow.

Staying within the digital space, allowing seamless claims, and crafting an easy customer experience are the facets of their business that attracts customers intensely.

Some Closing Thoughts

To sum it up, Naked insurance promotes a fresh look at the insurance industry.


The firm ushers in a technological approach toward insurance while seamlessly conveying its message to the public.


If there’s one thing we can learn from them, it’s maybe that we should all get a little Naked.

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