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How Animation Impacts Storytelling

We’ve seen it in the popular re-releases of live-action Disney movies.


Sometimes, real life doesn’t have the same effect or charm that the animated original has.


Although a topic of debate, there is truth to this belief that digs far deeper than the surface level.


Today we take a look at the real impact that animation has on storytelling.


Flying characters, talking animals, alien planets filled with colourful fauna, all these things have something in common.


They are in fact, impossible to see or interact with in the real world.


The consistent chase of imaginative imagery and storytelling has mainly been seen in books and novels. This suddenly changed when the advent of animation came into being.


Suddenly these picturesque worlds and talking animals could be seen and heard.

The only limitation was the mind of the artist.


As human beings, we are extremely susceptible to visual stimuli. It’s how we are designed and made.


That being said, there is always a charm to seeing a cartoon mouse driving a steamboat and whistling his favourite tune.


It’s not something we see every day.

How does this impact storytelling?

In terms of blockbuster hits and Hollywood wonders, movies and series are costly to make and immensely difficult to convey.


If the story takes place on another planet, the set must change, the costumes must change, and the stunts have to change.


The list goes on and on in a vicious cycle that is in fact limiting.


In terms of animation, all it takes is a cunning hand and a brushstroke.


Now, let’s not oversell the difficulty in this case.


Creating things out of this world is no easy feat, but doing so without the barriers of the real world makes it substantially easier.

This leaves the main thing the main thing.


The story.


Now production is not limited to whether or props but can rather happen quite simply.


This is why so often we have animated feature films focusing on hard-hitting topics that can sometimes be vague yet understood quite easily.


From Anime to Pixar movies, we all have noticed an intimate connection where the world oftentimes comes across as ludicrous.


The main thing stays the main thing.

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