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How Animation Impacts Storytelling We’ve seen it in the popular re-releases of live-action Disney movies. Sometimes, real life doesn’t have the same effect or charm that the animated original has. Although a topic of debate, there is truth to this belief that digs far deeper than the surface level. Today we take a look at the real impact that animation has on storytelling. Imagination Flying characters, talking animals, alien planets filled with colourful fauna, all
The Actual Benefits of Networking Playing the Long Game in the business world can be stressful.   Any person with an investment portfolio knows that the long term means a maximum Return on Investment.   Networking is a marketing form of relationship investment. Creating relationships is a key facet of marketing.   Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of networking. What Networking is and isn’t. Networking is relationship building. Plain and simple.
The Conventional vs. The Digital Sales Funnel Marketing efforts have evolved exponentially with the invention of the internet. With a set of unbelievable tools and resources available to consumers (literally in the palm of their hands), it’s no doubt that the way in which marketing and sales were initially done, is not as relevant as it used to be. This is especially true in the sales funnel. The regular/conventional sales funnel saw rapid evolution into
Summing up our Red Bull Experience A week after our trip to and from Cape Town there is nothing left for our team to do but reminisce.   With Red Bull giving us a substantial opportunity to have fun as a company, we took the bull by the horns (pun intended).   Today’s article is for those of you at home to read about our journey to the Bo-Kaap and what it took.   Let’s
Working Remotely as a Manager “Even though there are 13,790kms between the directors, I feel closer than ever. Alignment is a continuous process and having weekly meetings keep us on track. It’s important to keep aligning our long-term goals on a regular basis.” – Alecia Du Toit (Creative Director for Modic)   Distance between key role-players in an organisation should not be treated as a barrier. Although not physically present in the offices or even