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Your Video Marketing can be Better The Digital Marketing Podcast is an influential marketing resource on the internet and across multiple streaming platforms. A recent interview with Jon Mowat, the creator and founder of Hurricane, a video-focused, marketing agency and brand building giant. This article aims to dissect the interview with Jon in an effort to explain the changes, value and strategies associated with video-oriented marketing. With the increase in video-based content, branding and advertising,
Tik Tok. Yay or Nay? A recent article by Wallaroo Media shows us that over 150 countries, as well as around 1.5 billion active users, engage with TikTok. The article continues by explaining that, on a monthly basis, 1.4 Billion users interact with the platform by either posting or engaging with content.   The social media giant bounds through competition, taking its place as the third largest social platform to date. The statistics are there, the numbers
modic Much like most things in the world, the creation of something great always begins with change. Our story is one that shares this sentiment, following a process of change that was not only quick but also worthwhile. The birth of our organisation followed a relationship of shared value, passion, and above all else, a creative mindset to do more. Let’s dive straight into the story behind the modic brand and how we came into
Dealing With Creative Burnout Creating content is a proficiency in the digital industry. Any individual that is experienced in content creation has, at one point or another, faced the dreaded “brick wall” during or throughout their working career.   Even though content creation may come across as a fun and interactive environment (which it is), there is always room for burnout or reaching a certain limit of creative potential. This can be caused by certain
The Digital Marketer: A Swiss Army knife for any firm? The latest craze in the digital sphere of business is the demand and search for digital marketing professionals. With most marketing efforts moving into avenues like social media, web development, and email marketing to name a few, the constant need for individuals with specialised skills in this industry has grown exponentially. Since 2010, the unemployment rate of the average digital marketing specialist dropped from 7.7%