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Internships and what they REALLY do.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, an internship can be classified as, “a period of time during which someone works for a company or organization in order to get the experience of a particular type of work.”


The definition of an internship is definitively simple however, the process and expectations that often arise during someone’s journey as an intern are quite complex.

Today we take a look at the full extent of what an internship can and should be as opposed to the manipulation of a hopeful employee.


What an intern can do in your firm.

Most articles and discussions are targeted toward the intern and their capacity. Let’s take a look at what the benefits are for the owner and organisation.


An internship program opens up the nets to a plethora of potential.


In the most modest of analogies, an intern in your organisation is like a lump of clay in the hands of a potter. Coming from a place of minimal experience and exposure to the work environment, the intern becomes a canvas ready for population.

The potential to craft a stunning piece of pottery lies in the hands of the sculptor. What we’re trying to say is, the grounds for creating the ultimate employee really lies in your own hands.


Interns come expectant to learn and absorb information. With this tenacity, the groundwork and mindset is already in place. As a manager or owner, it becomes your responsibility to bring out the potential and create the model employee.


There is however a capacity for exploitation that often goes overlooked.

What you shouldn’t do.

The bright-eyed expectations of an intern should not be used as a tool for manipulation.


Some things that an internship program should not be are the following:

The main takeaway in essence is that the internship program is something that does require effort on your side.


It is also something where expectations should be kept high and the ability to impress and improve should always be made possible.

Some advice for interns.

Here are some pointers for the upcoming intern looking to get involved with a firm:

What most interns succumb to is pressure. Most likely the work world is brand new and difficult to acclimate in. This means that your initial journey may seem tough, but the good news is that as you learn it becomes much easier.


For the firm, interns provide an opportunity to train your next colleague in a way that promotes fresh insight and opportunity.

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