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LEVEL UP Your Branding

Branding encompasses the image your organisation aims to portray to the world.


Being unique, consistent, and up-to-date with branding conventions as well as the purpose behind your firm are crucial elements to maintaining a strong brand image.

When an organisation puts effort into its brand, the outcomes are loyalty, attention, and transparency all within your customer base.


Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can LEVEL UP your branding today.

Staying Constant with your Corporate Identity

A Corporate Identity allows your firm to create a basis of communication (in terms of aesthetics) that you can consistently follow.


The trap that most firms fall into is not taking their Corporate Identity seriously or not crafting a sustainable one.


Being intentional with your firm’s purpose and communicating your values into a Corporate Identity allows the entire communicative tone of your business to be set in stone.


When suppliers or design teams approach your firm to do draft designs or set up social media campaigns, having your Corporate Identity on hand allows you to easily (and quickly) hand over your firm’s brand image to a new supplier.


The CI should not be broken (unless in the instance of specific campaigns) and should be treated as the alphabet in the communication your firm engages in.

Stay up to date on your audience

Opinions and preferences are consistently changing.


The same approach must be taken into consideration when branding for your audience.


Taking note of the industry trends, being aware of what your customers are saying as well as consistently improving your brand allows your firm to remain up to date.

Being sure of what your audience wants allows you to cater to their desires, wants, and needs.


Loyalty with your firm comes naturally when a customer base is happy with the way your firm brands itself.

Stay transparent

A major shift in the customer mindset is causing the need for transparency in organisations across the world.


With the access of information literally at the fingertips of every person with internet access, the average individual now places their purchase decision on how much they know about the organisation.

The firms who put themselves out there and remain clear and open about their purpose and internal processes gain an intensive advantage over those who don’t.


Firms that lie about this are quickly found out and the firms who engage in this process actively only gain more trust and loyalty from their customers/clients.

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