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LEVEL UP Your Social Media

Social Media is one of the most complex and intricate forms of marketing communication to date.


With people constantly adapting to trends and looking for new methods of interaction online, it’s only safe to assume that changes to how marketers interact with Social Media are inevitable.


Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that remain consistent in the usage of Social Media as a marketing tool.

Customer First:

Social Media follows a similar approach to retail when it comes to prioritisation.


The customer or (in this case) viewer should be the number one priority throughout the communication journey.


When designing, copywriting, engaging, and planning any part of Social Media, always take a step back and frame the context through a customer’s eyes.

Some things to ask yourself as you go:

Keeping this in mind allows planning to occur effectively and keeps the design aspects on par with what the customer wants to see.

Analytics and Data are your new friends:

When reviewing the progress of your SM campaigns, a birds-eye-view of the data may seem to sugar-coat what is actually going on.


For instance, your engagement on posts may be constant, however, your audience is not growing.


Maybe it’s time to switch things into high gear and focus on new people and audiences.


Data comes heavily into play in this case as the results can’t lie. A fact is a fact.


Being on top of your data and analytics reports will help you see the status of your flock for what it really is.

Some advice:

Being a master of the report comes with time.


Follow your gut initially but make sure that your gut is right by taking the results into consideration.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency:

Being at the top of the mind is tricky without becoming irritating.


Spammy posts and irrelevant topics to reach your volume goals are not the right way to go.


Rather start your post volume at an attainable and realistic goal and build your way to a diverse set of posts and templates.


Looking to become a guru of the SM universe?

Here’s some advice:

All in all, Social Media is a major task to take on at any state of an organisation’s growth.


Following the rules is good but sometimes branching outside of them is what separates you from the competition.


It’s just how you do it that matters.

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