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Much like most things in the world, the creation of something great always begins with change.
Our story is one that shares this sentiment, following a process of change that was not only quick but also worthwhile. The birth of our organisation followed a relationship of shared value, passion, and above all else, a creative mindset to do more.


Let’s dive straight into the story behind the modic brand and how we came into existence.

The Meet

Much like the everyday rom-com, the story of our firm started out with an unlikely pairing of two like-minded parties coming together via the setting up of an external party. In our case, with the aid of Fergus Ferguson, two separate (but again, like-minded) organisations were introduced.


The two parties, in this case, were the firms, Modutech Digital and McCrea Media two budding organisations on the cusp of something great.

Through the meeting, we got to know each other and see what we were all about. After getting to know one another, we started to notice the similarities in culture, spirit, and of course, our aspirations.


This was the beginning which eventually lead to much, much more.

Getting to Know One Another

Now for this section of the rom-com, the couple in question usually engages in the first couple of dates and the occasional walk in the part. For us, it was a bit different.


Deciding on the next step involved tackling a few projects as well as sharing resources with one another. Where one firm had a gap in what could be offered to the client, the other stepped in. Where one firm needed help internally, the other gladly helped.

Again, like the rom-com, this is the stage where the couple starts to realise that they are really into each other, there was no exception here.


Working together was great, in fact, we realised how well we managed tasks and clients as a team. The only thing that needed to happen was the next step in this relationship.

Sharing an Apartment

Sharing an Apartment
Back to our analogy, after getting to know one another, the couple decides to move in together, and so did we.


Setting up an office in Centurion was our next goal. After all, how good are you together if you don’t really dig into getting to know one another and see each other on a daily basis?
After a few months when we officially worked on tasks and projects together we realised something.


We work extremely well together.
“Your client,” eventually became “Our client,” and suddenly a full integration between two teams, the two organisations became seamless and well-rounded.
The only thing left was making it official.

Making it Official

Surpassing all expectations that usually occur within the rom-com, our relationship never went through the “I can’t believe you lied to me let’s break up for a few months and eventually get back together,” phase.


The decision to merge into one organisation was mutual and that’s where the work began.
Creating a brand new corporate identity, target market, brand look, and feel all became our main focus. We were dead-set on making this work and we did.

The modic brand was eventually formed and the rest of the story is history and yet to be told.


Through our merger, we made it official and our efforts to make a purposeful impact have officially taken flight.


Through our combined efforts, resources and teams, we know that the sky is the limit and that the next step is for this budding relationship to leave a mark on the digital and creative spaces.

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