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Summing up our Red Bull Experience

A week after our trip to and from Cape Town there is nothing left for our team to do but reminisce.


With Red Bull giving us a substantial opportunity to have fun as a company, we took the bull by the horns (pun intended).


Today’s article is for those of you at home to read about our journey to the Bo-Kaap and what it took.


Let’s dive straight in.

Preparation Preparation Preparation.

Building a boxcart might seem like an easy feat, but there is quite a lot that goes into it. Let alone being unique.


First off, we had to come up with the idea of Space Vikings.


After throwing concepts around on our group chat, two themes stood out.


Space and Vikings.


The only logical step was to embrace our inner Thor and mash the two together into a single theme.

Finally we had our concept but we needed a vessel to get our driver down the Bo Kaap.


Conversations with engineers were had, YouTube videos were watched and a design was made.


The Ragnarök Rocket just needed to be made.


With the deadline approaching, we got to work building our cart but there was one prevalent need that stared us right in our bearded faces.

Financing our trip.

Two things stood in our way.


The fact that our team is based mostly in Joburg and the fact that Cape Town is thousands of kilometers away.


We were not fazed.


We knew that the event meant more to us than simply winning a Red Bull experience. We wanted Modic to get together and bond and come race day, we would be on that starting line.


Red Bull encourages us to find sponsors and so we did.


SPAR, Buco Hardware, Sun Projects, Gem Group Manufacturing, Lawhill Luxury Apartments, and Waterfront Village all came to our rescue.


With a team of sponsors supporting our team of Vikings, we were ready.

The Big Day

The preparation was worth it.


Standing on the top of the hill with a team of Vikings ready to launch one of our own down the track was exhilarating.


It could have been the copious amounts of Red Bull that we drank throughout the day but we were definitely buzzing with excitement.


All in all, we had high expectations and they were met ten times over.


Red Bull provided us with an excellent time that we will never forget as a company.


Seeing a Space Viking successfully reach the end of the race track where so many others fell victim was worth the eighteen-hour drive.

The Unity

There was more to this trip than adrenaline-fuelled excitement.


We wanted to give our team a chance to hang out and get to know one another.


As a hybrid workplace, we aren’t always within each other’s areas and this opportunity gave us something great.




From the awards evening we held for Modic to our adventures at Mitchell’s pub, one thing is certain.


We grew together as a team.

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