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The Actual Benefits of Networking

Playing the Long Game in the business world can be stressful.


Any person with an investment portfolio knows that the long term means a maximum Return on Investment.


Networking is a marketing form of relationship investment. Creating relationships is a key facet of marketing.


Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of networking.

What Networking is and isn’t.

Networking is relationship building. Plain and simple.


Networking is not a sales platform, business pitch, or advertising opportunity.


Although some of these aspects do play a role in networking successfully, the essence of networking is focused on building relationships.


By making yourself, and your firm, open to opportunity, the possibility of creating long-lasting relationships becomes extensive.

Waltzing into a clubhouse with the intention of making a sale just makes everyone uncomfortable and unwilling to participate in what you have to offer or receive.


The goal is to be an open book.

What do you mean by “The Long Game?”

The reason why networking works in the long term is like that of a friendship. Friends develop and grow.


Businesses do the same.


Let’s say your friend suddenly purchases a large TV and needs help installing it. You may receive a phone call asking for help when the time comes.


The same concept is evident in networking.


A company may grow and eventually run into the need for your product or service, and just like your friend getting that new TV, you may receive a phone call asking for some help.


The important part comes into play pretty much the same as a relationship with your friend does. Support them.

In terms of business this can take place in a few different ways:

The goal shouldn’t be personal gain but mutual gain.

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