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The Benefits of Podcasting for your Brand

Communication has evolved over the last decade. The advent introduction of the internet and social media paved new avenues for communication from person to person as well as from businesses to consumers. The inclusion of online entertainment eventually led to the creation of the podcast.


Well-known names like Joe Rogan, Crime Junkie, and The Daily are some examples of podcast identities amassing a large and consistent audience.

With the potential to reach hundreds of thousands, the inclusion of a podcast not only has an immense target market reach but also allows brands and firms to communicate more intimately with their customers and those willing to lend an ear.

Why should I start a podcast?

One question that does not often appear frequently is that of “Why?”


Most individuals and young candidates often reach the same consensus on whether they should start a podcast, that is the aim, and of course, the outcome.


An article by Improve Podcast highlights the need for a specified aim. The article discusses the need for purpose in the podcasting world as opposed to by-the-by platform experimentation. Getting involved with a podcast is hard, time-consuming work that gains a different return on investment other than monetary gain.


As a brand, the goal of any business is to create a basis on which consumers existing in the business’s scope can gain more out of a product or service and those outside of the scope have the opportunity to learn why they should be involved with your brand.

A podcast should be seen as a form of communication instead of advertising. Using the platform as a means of exposure is a provocative concept that can sometimes overplay itself in the long run.


Like most forms of digital marketing, the podcast fits into the category of long-lasting content. Using a podcast as a form of content creation may provide exceptional value to any business looking to create a library of useful and meaningful information that is long-lasting and personal.


Deciding on the reason behind starting a podcast can be simple but also needs to be established the right way.

Should Brands have Podcasts?

Much like creating your own brand image, a podcast is a manifestation of your brand in a separate format, with a twist.


Some brands may have the desire but not necessarily the right industry or angle to start a podcast. This is where teaching comes into play. For example, certain brand-owned podcasts just make sense.


The Times is one such example of a well-known brand, leveraging the concept of podcasting into a news format catered to the on-the-go listener. Having the concept brought to you is an advantage that takes your existing customer base, and expands on their brand experience, however, some brands have taken leveraging to another level.

In 2018, an adult, animated TV show (Rick and Morty) aired an episode centered around a specific McDonald’s dipping sauce. The overall excitement and hype created by the show saw an uproar for the sauce to be served once again by the fast-food giant.


In response, not only did McDonald’s bring back the sauce for a limited time, but the brand decided to involve itself in the podcasting world, and benefit from the event. The Sauce podcast was therefore created in a limited run of three episodes detailing the reasoning, involvement, and idea behind podcasts from brands as well as pop culture in general.

What we can learn from this is that innovation when it comes to podcasting is highly sought after. Leveraging a brand idea in a completely different direction does pay off in the podcasting space, however, it does need to be done accurately and effectively.

Some Podcasting dos and don’ts.



Overall, podcasting is a fun experience for both those involved and those listening. The idea is to create a synergy between the information that a brand has to offer and what consumers want to listen to. Having a podcast is an exceptional tool in today’s day and age, however like any hammer or saw, learning how to use it can be difficult and sometimes dangerous!

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