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The Brand Story of CD Projekt RED

Starting out in the 90’s as an independent game development agency, CD Project RED began their journey in then gaming scene. With decades passing culminating in a massive TV show on Netflix, collaborations with Hollywood superstars, and a cult following in the gaming industry, the journey of CD Project RED is one that all who dwell in the digital scene should know about.


Let’s dive in.


Humble Beginnings.

Starting out as traders for video games, Marcin Iwinski and Michal Kacinski shared their passion for video games in their local community, selling and trading games with other enthusiasts around town.


By 1994, the two friends established the first foray of a firm in the CD Projekt RED group.

The group began importing CD-ROM software from the U.S and fostering distribution agreements with producers. Soon after, the group began manufacturing and Polish video game packages to match the Polish market.


The group eventually released their first title, Baldur’s Gate, in 1999 igniting their journey into the game development landscape.

The Witcher.

Henry Cavill was not the original white-haired wolf. Andrej Sapkowski initially created the Witcher universe through pen and paper in his literary saga. Both Michal and Marcin had been avid fans of the universe and came up with the immense idea to bring the words to the digital world via purchasing the intellectual property and began working on the first Witcher game.

Between 2007 and 2017, various titles in the Witcher universe were released across the globe, drawing in major success and awards for CD Projekt. With over 75 million copies sold, and the third instalment of the game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, winning game of the year, the group created a universe that started attracting the attention of Hollywood.

With the creators of the series initially being exposed to the works of Sapkowski, the work on the show began, and the success of the TV show reached great heights in the current two seasons, spin-off, and animated film.


Although not directly inspiring the show, CD Projekt have been credited with being a basepoint in the aesthetic, look, and feel of the show overall in their videogame titles with lead actor, Henry Cavil, being a huge fan of the games and books.


With the success of the Witcher fuelling their passion, the group decided to take a more modern approach to their titles.


Cyberpunk 2077.

With the announcement of Cyberpunk 2077 already happening in 2012, the hype rollercoaster for fans was reaching a fever pitch.


With a world set in the future where cybernetic enhancements, elements of espionage, and based on the RPG system that made the Witcher a success promised in the game, the group had the crowd at the end of their seats.


Fast forward to 2018 and completing a major rebrand, CD Project released the official trailer for Cyberpunk and that fever pitch was reaffirmed after 6 years of waiting.


Finally, in 2019, at the E3 gaming expo in front of the world, Keanu Reeves is announced as the lead role in the video game, creating massive anticipation for the title coming out in 2021.


The anticipation was high but did CD Projekt deliver?


A sacrificial launch.

The game launched in the midst of 2021, with a shock to the system of gamers across the globe.

Ridden with bugs and unable to run on the older generation of consoles, CD project was put in a scrutinous spotlight. Patch after patch was released to fix the broken game however, the attention was lost on the major title and fans were left with a sour taste in their mouths.

A revival.

It’s hard to attribute the success of Cyberpunk 2077 to an anime, however some of this may be true.


A collaboration with Trigger studios culminated in the anime which created a massive cult following. With this collaboration and the introduction of updates and fixes to the game, Cyberpunk immediately saw their audience returning to the game and being ultimately pleased with the work the development team had done.

Cyberpunk is currently the playground for graphical showcases in the gaming world, being a bar that set the graphical capabilities of current computer hardware.

The story continues.

Collaborations, a fantastic story, and clever marketing decisions have led to the overall success of CD Projekt RED. With few titles under their belt, the team is one of the forerunners in the gaming industry, creating games and content that always lends the ears of fans globally.

With more to come from the team, rest assured in knowing that CD Prokekt’s legacy will continue.

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