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Tik Tok. Yay or Nay?

A recent article by Wallaroo Media shows us that over 150 countries, as well as around 1.5 billion active users, engage with TikTok. The article continues by explaining that, on a monthly basis, 1.4 Billion users interact with the platform by either posting or engaging with content.


The social media giant bounds through competition, taking its place as the third largest social platform to date.

The statistics are there, the numbers make sense, should our firm have a TikTok page? This question over the last few years has been in the mouths of managers, marketers, and consumers on a daily basis.


Today we take a look at this question and whether or not your firm should really be involved with TikTok, one way or another.

Who uses TikTok?

Onmicore Agency discusses the demographics of TikTok quite simply.

Once again, the stats are there, but what do they mean?


Let’s dissect it a little.

It’s clear that the main age group interacting on TikTok is younger than 34. With this in mind, we can make the accurate assumption that the app caters directly to the younger audience and consumer market.


With the incredibly high engagement rate, we can also conclude that the people using the app, use it often and tentatively.


So, the app has proven itself as a giant in the community, but is it worth your time?


Let’s dissect it a little more.

Your Audience.

Your marketing efforts should be based on your target market (hopefully). This means that, through customer-centered strategies, you have an ideal customer in mind.


Perfect let’s move from there.


Does your customer fit the above metrics we just saw in TikTok?


If not, we may need to dig a little deeper.

Does your product or service engage with consumers as opposed to businesses? Let’s face it, most users on TikTok are not on the app to engage with organizations, they want to engage with personalities and content. If your approach toward content creation doesn’t necessarily cater to this, there may be little to no traction in your efforts on the app.


So, let’s recap if your audience doesn’t associate with TikTok and your corporate identity isn’t suited to it, should we still engage with it?

The Bottom Line.

One principle I like to follow is that if there is to be engagement it needs to happen accurately and well. That being said, if there are limited resources being placed on something with minimal returns (for both the organisation and the consumer) it usually isn’t worth doing at all.


This doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it. If you truly feel like something can be added to your efforts on TikTok, then get involved and do it well!

Think of the customer, always.


If your firm wants to spend the time and effort on TikTok and feel that an impact can be made, then go ahead!


The platform proposes brand new ways of communication and engagement with a large audience never before seen. There is an opportunity, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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