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Women Empower with the Dublin Chambers

Our creative Director, Alecia Du Toit, had the privilege of attending the Women Empower Event hosted by the Dublin Chambers.


The event saw a variety of strong, passionate women in business, sharing their insights and thoughts on the empowerment of women in the current business landscape.

Throughout the event, tips, advice, and purposeful discourse were shared with all in attendance while at the same time providing a platform for women in power to share their testimonies and successes with other women seeking the same.


Today’s article is a summary and discussion on the event, highlighting the key points made by some of the speakers.

Kim Hegarty

The director of a large construction business in Ireland, Linesight, Hegarty spoke on the changes in the business climate and the position which women should be taking.


She discussed how the male-dominated landscape of business slowly evolving into incorporating women as heads of organisations. This provides the platform on which women can stand and provide their talents for usage in the business environment.


Another topic of conversation that stood out from Hegarty was that of confidence.

She encouraged women to be proud and stand tall in their position and capacity while at the same time not being afraid to learn on the job.


She also discussed how perfection is earned through experience and that in some cases, you won’t always get everything right.


This doesn’t mean that you never will, it’s just one step closer to making the right choices and learning how to cope with circumstances you’ve never experienced before.

Deborah Threadgold

Full of humour and excited to share her story, Deborah shared insight into her own personal life being able to juggle her family life, children, and her career.


Currently, as the General Manager of IBM Ireland, she proposed the perfect example of the capacity a female individual has. One doesn’t have to leave their career behind to focus on raising a family.

Deborah also shared that throughout her life, she was offered numerous opportunities and was not afraid to take them. From this, she encouraged other women to seek out opportunities and place fear behind them and look to the future without worry.


Her stance is that women need to constantly fight for the next best thing instead of waiting around for someone to hand it to them. She believes that through perseverance and hard work, any woman is capable of amazing feats.

What We’ve learned

As an organisation, it’s crucial to provide opportunities to women in the workplace. This is not just a fact, it’s a must.


With so much untapped potential in the female entrepreneur and workforce (mainly due to wrongly allocated opportunity) the current social standpoint on women does not only correspond with a motherly figure.


Women are powerful and capable of amazing things in the business landscape and should be ushered into the new “era” of business where the missed opportunities get placed in the right hands.

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